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The format is head to head casual flow.


It will be completely based off of the 2011 NFL schedule including the playoffs.

That means there is room for 32 players, no more, no less.

It will be first come first serve basis with the only way of ensuring a spot is by pre-registering. The entry will be $40 and can either be paid to me, or through paypal once registration is open later in February. Since it is limited to 32 I thought I would post this now to let people start thinking about it.

If you know how the NFL season and playoffs work then you know how this works. Here is my half-assed attempt to explain it to those you might not get it.

Players will be randomly assigned an NFL team. There are 2 conferences, within each conference there are 4 divisions and each division has 4 teams. That makes 32 teams hence the 32 players.

Each team will play their division foes 2x (home and away, 6 games), they will also play 2 against each division within their conference (6 more games) and then they will play 1 game each against a team from each division in the other conference (4 more games) totaling 16 games/rounds. Each team will have 8 home games and 8 away games. A home game means you get to choose the game.

So there will be 16 rounds of 1 on 1 play. The home team will choose the machine and a coin flip will determine order of play. You will either get a 1 if you win, or a 0 if you lose. At the end of all the rounds your total record will determine your playoff fate.

12 teams make the playoffs. 4 divisional winners from each conference and 2 wild cards from each conference. Wild cards are awarded to the 2 players within a conference with the best record that did not win their division. The top two records in each conference get a bye.

Playoffs will be best 2 of 3 with the higher seed getting home field position in 2 of the 3 games. We will go over this more at the event or if you have questions feel free to ask.

For more information please visit the link below.

Rose City Gladstone Gridiron Classic!

Those that are signed up (31 of 32)

Aaron Nelson
Ben Applebaum
Bob Rosingana
Bobby Conover
Brandon Smith*
Chris Coyle
Chris Rhodes
Danny Backglass Belrose*
Dennis Brenhaug*
Emma Eichhorn*
Greg Noack*
Isaac Ruiz
Jake McGhee*
Jason Nagy
Jeff T Smith
Jeremiah Smith
John Fujita*
John Stein
Kane MacAniff
Kevin Birrell
Kevin Kerr*
Kris Fast
Maka Honig
Michael Hassenpflug*
Mike Smith PDX*
Mindy Bert
Nathan Stellhorn
Pat Castaldo
Paul Kalk
Raymond Davidson
Steve Lampros*