The Guild Public House

Out of Order just added a new location!







The new Line-up is
Dirty Harry, Funhouse, Fish Tales, Terminator 3! Go check it out this place wants to host some tourney’s go play and let us know if you think it will be a good spot.

The Guild Public House
1101 E Burnside Ave
Portland OR, 97214
4pm-2:30am Nightly
Happy Hour 4-7pm


  1. Just a few blocks from my work. Might have to go check it out next week.

  2. I will be there this evening.

  3. Pinball love

  4. I went to the Guild the other night and everyone there was super friendly and had some good beers on tap. The games are upstairs and it could get crowded with 30+ pinballers up there but IMO it could be a better venue than Clinton st.

  5. Went last night. Games are great. Bazooka on T3 doesn’t work. I love DH.

  6. We need a No Fear in a tourney bank somewhere!

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