The Goodfoot Lounge Tournament 4-3

27 Players
53 Matches

Final Standings:
1 Pat Castaldo
2 Aaron Nelson
3 John Fujita
4 Jake McGhee
5 Matt Fentress
5 Chad Darnell
7 Kevin Kerr
7 Brandon Smith
9 David Morell
9 Casandra Clements
9 Jason Nagy
9 Mindy Bert
13 Tom Arany
13 Keith Bloom
13 Isaac Ruiz
13 Danny Backglass Belrose
17 Jeff T. Smith
17 John Falkey
17 Dennis Brenhaug
17 Paul Kalk
17 S. August Lampros
17 Jake Webb
17 Greg Noack
17 Nathan Mayo
25 Kane MacAniff
25 Victoria Semarjian
25 Chris Rhodes

Top Winners:
Pat Castaldo – 6 wins
Aaron Nelson – 6 wins


  1. I like this location. Lots of room. Nice win Pat, well played!

  2. Yeah, I liked playing there. Decent food, good selection of beers, and lots of room. Machines played fine, too (bar for that wicked weak right flipper on LOTR).

  3. AC/DC is now 50 cents.

  4. Nice win PAT C! Great playing guys I had a blast and I also like having this spot back in the rotation.

  5. NIce job Pat.

  6. The RCP Standings have been updated.

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