Ship Ahoy Tourney 3 – 6

29 Players
56 Matches

Final Standings:
1 Aaron Nelson
2 Danny Barstool Belrose
3 Kris Fast
4 Matt Fentress
5 Mike Hassenpflug
5 Mike Smith PDX
7 Kane MacAniff
7 Mindy Bert
9 Jeff Weston
9 Jason Nagy
9 Keith Bloom
9 Paul Kalk
13 Edward Schmuker
13 Emma Eichhorn
13 Chad Darnell
13 Chris Rhodes
17 Jake McGhee
17 Isaac Ruiz
17 Kevin Kerr
17 Greg Dunlap
17 Chris Coyle
17 Pat Castaldo
17 Jeff T Smith
17 Steve Bond
25 Dennis Brenhaug
25 Cassie Clements
25 Dan Corcoran
25 Victoria Semarjian
25 Tom Arany

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  1. On March 07, 2012 Aaron says:

    Barstool B

  2. On March 07, 2012 dannybackglass says:

    My Native name is “Sitting B”. The four directions of the stool ward off the garbage.

  3. On March 08, 2012 Aaron says:

    RCP Standings are updated. The formula used to track our standings was not simple to build as I am learning first hand. If you ever see Fred, you should buy him a beer!

  4. On March 09, 2012 Matt f says:

    Are the rcp rankings going to weighted on amount of weeklies played? So if someone who has only played 4 tourneys like me have a statistical disadvantage against someone who has played 10 already? I’m just curious since I’m planning on winning the next 3 I play in

  5. On March 09, 2012 RCP says:

    The more you go to the better chance you have.

  6. On March 09, 2012 Aaron says:

    Most points accumulated over the entire year. So, the more you go to the better chance you have. To quote someone previously.

    The finals format will most likely be a H2H best 2 of 3 format. Not the format posted right now.

  7. On March 09, 2012 noah says:

    Fast is creepin’

  8. On March 09, 2012 Aaron says:

    He is a creeper…

  9. On March 11, 2012 kris fast says:

    sorry I am creepy, I often even creep myself out.

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