Rose City Showdown Champions!


1st     – Robert Gagno
2nd    – Keith Elwin
3rd     – Cayle George
4th     – Adam Lefkoff
5th     – Danny “Backglass” Belrose
6th     – Nathan Stellhorn
7th     – Mike Mahaffey
8th     – Fred Franken
9th     – Eden Stamm
T10th – Noah “Opto” Davis
T10th – Maka Honig
12th   – Aaron “Dropshot” Nelson
T13th – Dennis “Videomode” Brenhaug
T13th – Jason Naggy
T13th – Bobby Conover
T13th – John Kremmer


1st    – Eden Stamm
2nd   – Cayle George
3rd    – Ryan “ROM” Gratzer
4th    – Adam Lefkoff
T5th  – Robert Gagno
T5th  – John Kremmer
7th     – Raymond Chau
8th     – Aaron nelson
T9th   – Danny “Backglass” Belrose
T9th   – Keith Elwin
T11th – Noah Davis
T11th – Kris Fast

Thanks to everyone for coming, We had a great time!

-From all of us here at RCP


  1. Thanks for posting!

    For the record – I whooped Fast’s ass in our 5-ball multiball Big Casino tie breaker!

  2. What were the scores on the 5 ball multiball games?

  3. 8 somethin’ to 2 somethin’

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