Rose City Pinball Presents RCP Super Selfie League Registration

Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – Email a one time registration so we can get you in the scoring system 


Please include:

Your Name how it reads or you would like it to read in the IFPA database

A valid email adress

STEP 2 – Play anytime! Take pictures of your best scores with you in them and email them to:

All photos must include a picture of the player and their score on the display, AKA the “Super League Selfie”! Scores must be submitted in a timely fashion.

Qualifying will be available all month during business hours, with the finals of each month happening on the last Monday at 7pm (last qualifying game starts at 6:30pm the night of Finals) Players will be able to play as often as they want, Your top 5 scores from the 7 league machines will comprise your overall ranking scoring 100-90-85-84-83-82… for your best score submitted on each game.

Don’t forget to post it on the Facebook group page for healthy smack talk action!

STEP 3 – FINALS NIGHT : 7pm Last Monday of every month! (holidays may vary schedule)

Finals will be based an participation.

1-7 player top 2 Finals

8-15 players top 4 Finals

16-23 players top 8 Finals

24 and up top 12 Finals with top 4 seeds getting the bye

Those not qualified in “A” division will comprise “B” division 

The top Qualifiers will play PAPA Style finals at top 12 the top 4 seeds get a bye, top seed in each finals group will have choice of game (no game can be repeated per group) or position, 2nd seed will get next choice, etc. Finals format will be PAPA style 3-game rounds using 4-2-1-0 scoring (4-2-1 for any 3-player groups).

Top 12 example:

Round 1

#1, #2, #3, #4 – Bye

#5, #8, #9, #12 – Top 2 Advance to Round 2

#6, #7, #10, #11 – Top 2 Advance to Round 2

Round 2

#1, #4, #?, #? – Top 2 Advance to Finals

#2. #3, #?, #? – Top 2 Advance to Finals


#?,#?, #?, #?

Those of us not qualified for “A” Division that want to play in a “B” Division final will play in a 4 player ladder style event winner take all Goldie Match (“B” division finals will have no effect on IFPA points, IFPA points are issued on where you finished in qualifying outside of “A” Division). You must submit at least 5 scores to qualify for “A” or “B” finals.

IFPA endorsed tournament

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RCP/SSL Finals Dates 2017

  • Jan – 30th
  • Feb – 27st
  • Mar – 27th
  • May – 1st
  • May – 29th
  • June – 26th
  • July – 31st
  • Aug – 28th
  • Sep – 25th
  • Oct –  30th
  • Nov – 27th
  • Dec – 31st