Rose City Pinball Presents  – The RCP Open

A Monthly 3 Strike Group Knockout Pinball Tournament 

Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – Email a one time registration so we can get you in the scoring system


Please include:

Your Name how it reads or you would like it to read in the IFPA database

A valid email adress 

Phone # (optional)

STEP 2 – Optional – Open Qualifying Round – Play @ Cbar anytime! Take pictures of your best scores with you in them and email them to:

All photos must include a picture of the player (or identifier) and their score on the display, Scores must be submitted the week they are taken.

Must Submit Scores on at Least 5 of the 7 Tournament Machines to Qualify!

Qualifying will be available all month during Cbar business hours, Players will be able to play as often as they want, Qualifying ends bar close Sunday prior to finals. Your top 5 scores from the 7 tournament machines will comprise your overall ranking scoring 100-90-85-84-83-82… for your best score submitted on each game.

Don’t forget to post it on the Facebook group page for healthy smack talk action!

STEP 3 – FINALS NIGHT – OPEN TO ALL – 7pm First Monday of every month! (schedule may vary) 3 Strike Group Knockout – open to everyone capped at 32 players for time constraints with Open qualifiers guaranteed a spot in Finals (up to top 32) 32 will be filled out first come after qualifiers.

  • Top Qualifier $10 Cbar GC (if not in attendance GC goes to 3rd place finalist)
  • The top 4 (<20) Top 8 (20+) Qualifiers will receive a 4th Strike!
  • Raffle Prizes for pre-qualifiers!
  • 1st Place Finalist – Stern Pinball Translight – $25 Cbar GS – RCP Prize Pack
  • 2nd Place Finalist – $15 Cbar GS – RCP Prize Pack

IFPA endorsed tournament sponsored by Rose City Pinball!

Follow Live Standings @

RCP/SSL Finals Dates 2018

  • Mar – 5th
  • April – 2nd
  • April – 30th
  • June – 4th
  • July – 2nd
  • Aug – 6th
  • Sep – 3rd
  • Oct – 1st
  • Nov – 5th
  • Dec – 3rd