Portland Pinbrawl

Portland Pinbrawl will be held Sunday April 21st at Ground Kontrol.

Ground Kontrol
511 NW Couch St. Portland, OR 97209
Phone: (503) 796.9364

Once again the tournament will be best 2 of 3, double elimination. The entry fee is $20 and the entries will be capped at 128 players. Pre registration is very highly recommended for this tournament.

Date: April 21nd
Time: 11:00 am (Doors 10:00am)

21+ only, booze will be available all day.

There is room for 128 players but be sure to pre-register as soon as possible.

Pre-register @ Brackelope Now!


David Morell
Greg Dunlap
Robert Gagno
Bobby Conover
Noah Davis
Pat Castaldo
Jeff Gagnon
Aaron Nelson
Cayle George
Emma Eichorn
Dexter Dong
John Fujita
Eden Stamm
Nathan Stellhorn
Paige Atkinson
Mike Coppolino
Ketch de Kanter
Jason Nagy
Kris Fast
Michael Heitzman
Andrea Reuter
Julie Gray
Maka Honig
Adam Chesbrough
Aaron Bendickson
Aaron Rito
Dan Skolovy
Drew Anderson
Shawn Kilger
Lanai Simokaitis
Nicholas Polimenakos
Logan Bowden
Rafik George
Philip Ragaway
Tiffany Dungeon
Mark Mahoney
Micheal Brady
Olivia Giguere
James Rivelli
Keith Foster
Thomas Stepp
Bryan Watt
Martin Lackner
Miles Craig
James Pace
Ben “Sauce” Applebaum
John Will
Dennis Brenhaug
Aaron Ilika
John Kremmer
Indigo Kelleigh
Jeff Weston
Sia Rezvani
Jamey Stephenson
Lindsay Thurwachter
Chris Rockne
Harry Ford
Randy Steward
Scott Parsons
Jeremy Edwards
Chad Darnell
Ashley Harris
Andrew Harris
James Smat
Doug Leighty
Randy Leighty
Matthew Siltala
Kane MacAniff
Cassie Weiss
Mike Weiss
Sean Emery
Brandon Bras
Dylan Reiff
Andy Cobb
Kevin Kerr
Mike Smith
Keith Bloom
Chris Coyle
Eric Hill
Mindy Bert
August Lampros
Dave Dimoff
Tim Schlag
Stephen Ehresman
Greg Noack
Aimee Howell
Will Hiltz
Danielle Lagueux
Justin Hobson
Matt Fentress
Jarrod Smith
Jordan Hudson
Bonnie Bedford!
Katy Jacobson
John Harris
Sergey Posrednikov
Lee Ackerman
Heather Loudon
Nathan Mayo