The field has been filled. Almost. There is still one spot remaining. But here is the 2012 Gridiron Classic match-ups.

American Football Conference National Football Conference
AFC East NFC East
John Stein (BUF) Mike Smith PDX (DAL)
Kevin Kerr (MIA) Jeff T Smith (NYG)
Raymond Davidson (NE) Maka Hoing (PHI)
Nathan Stellhorn (NYJ) Greg Noack (WSH)
AFC North NFC North
Brandon Smith (BAL) Isaac Ruiz (CHI)
Ben Applebaum (CIN) Kevin Birrell (DET)
Micheal Hassenpflug (CLE) Steve Lampros (GB)
Bobby Conover (PIT) Paul Kalk (MIN)
AFC South NFC South
Emma Eichhorn (HOU) Jake McGhee (ATL)
Mindy Bert (IND) Danny Belrose (CAR)
Bob Rosingana (JAC) David Latimer (NO)
Chris Coyle (TEN) Kris Fast (TB)
AFC West NFC West
John Fujita (DEN) Pat Castaldo (ARI)
Dennis Brenhaug (KC) Jaon Nagy (STL)
Chris Rhodes (OAK) Jeremiah Smith (SF)
Aaron Nelson (SD) Kane MacAniff (SEA)


So, if you look closely (CHI) is TBD, or to be determined. With one spot open anyone can fill the spot. Only they will not just become (CHI). They will randomly replace another player/team. That player/team will then become (CHI). That means any player still might be changing teams, divisions, and even conferences.

Each conference will have 6 players advance. The top team from each division and two wild card teams. A wild card is earned by the top 2 teams that did not win their division within each conference. In case of any ties for a bye, or wild card there will be a one game playoff. All other ties will be determined by a coin flip.

Regular season games are 1 game. Home team may choose machine from the machines that are open to play right then. Coin flip to determine play order.

Playoffs are best of 3. Top seed will have choice of machine for game 1 and 3. Lower seed will have choice for game 2. The Super Bowl will be played on 3 randomly drawn machines.

Without further ado, here is the 2012 Gridiron schedule!

2012 Gridiron Classic Schedule


See you all Saturday at Noon!