Did some dialing on games at Cbar today! Last week of April Selfie League have at it and remember you have to play at least 3 games to qualify as a participant.

Have fun!
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Just made it a little bit harder to hit the center ramp on Mousin Around. ... See MoreSee Less

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Mike Mahaffey3 weeks ago   ·  7
Stuart McPherranSo what pinball machines does the c-bar have currently?3 weeks ago
Isaac RuizDuct tape.3 weeks ago   ·  1

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Frontier is in! Firepower is out!

Have fun tonight Belles!
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Jake McgheeOh and I fixed the ball trough on Blackout so ball shouldn't get lost anymore.3 weeks ago   ·  4

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Blackout has been added to the mix at Cbar with Lightning Flippers (and yes the flipper alignment is on purpose). It's also in SSL. Have fun. ... See MoreSee Less

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Lex AlbrandtDude. This is so mean.3 weeks ago
Jake McgheeDennis is mean!3 weeks ago

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2001 is here at C Bar for tonight's Tourney ... See MoreSee Less

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Greg DunlapThree balls!1 month ago   ·  1
Collin Whittemorejust for the night?1 month ago   ·  1
Kathy DeBoerWhat else ya got hiding???1 month ago   ·  1
Nicole Anne ReikYou made Greg's night!1 month ago   ·  2
Noah DavisPlz keep it at least until the next Lark Monthly!1 month ago   ·  2
Stuart McPherranThat's a pretty rare find. I hope that you will bring back Black Hole.1 month ago
Dast SPWon't make the tourny but I can't wait to play it!!1 month ago   ·  1

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Dirty Harry is now at Cbar ... See MoreSee Less

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Paul KempI am not. Also, I told you not to call me that anymore, even if it is true.2 months ago   ·  2

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53 players for the Founders Brewers Series Tournament tonight ... See MoreSee Less

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Color DMD's on Spider Man Vault and Walking Dead. Just in time for the Founders Brewery Series Tourney tonight. ... See MoreSee Less